Future of stock market is highly impressive which will be your wealth in coming days, so don’t loss the chance to get invest in stock market .

But you have to be very careful to choose the right stock in your portfolio. So let’s start the journey with Rajendravalues.com.

Before choosing best stock remember to check the following few things of the particular stock;

  1. Growth of the company Year to year
  2. Debt situation
  3. Expanding capability
  4. long run capability
  5. Mostly promoter holding pattern
  6. And who updates itself with the current demand of the market place.

If someone have no time or idea about the Stock market and it’s inside things, but want to invest

Than you may invest in top 20 stocks in nifty 50 without any hesitation, and you may change as per position of top 20stocks in nifty50 stocks

You may also choose as per your choice of number of stocks you want, from the top nifty50 stocks

You mat refer nse India site


Always keep eye on top changing stocks in nifty50, and choose to add as per the Stock position.


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